warning for the sleeping bags and the cot bumpers

1. Sleeping bags


  • Do not use if the child’s head can pass through the neck opening when fastened for use.
  • Ensure that the neck and arm opening are securely fastened.
  • Do not use if the child can climb out of the cot.
  • Do not use in combination with cot duvet or blanket. Take into account the room temperature and the child’s sleepwear. Overheating can endanger the life of your child!
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Stop using sleep bag at the first signs of damage.
  • Wash the sleep bag before its first use.

Product tested in France complies with NF EN 16781 standard.

2. Cot bumpers


  • Ensure ties remain securely fastened to the cot.
  • Remove the cot bumper when the child can sit up or get up without help. When child can sit up or stand up unaided, children frequently used the cot bumper as a climbing frame leading falling out of the cot.
  • Keep away from fire.


  • Suitable for cots of 60cm x 120cm and 70cm x 140cm
  • Attachment to the cot with ties : ensure all the ties remain securely fastened to the cot by double knots.
  • Stop using cot bumper at first signs of damage.