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The perfect place for a snack with baby


Émilie, co-founder with her sister Virginie of the iconic Klin d'œil, a space where art meets everyday life, shares with us a slice of life, full of creativity, maternal love and moments shared with Gaston, her adorable bundle of joy.

Émilie, could you tell us a bit about yourself?


Gladly! I'm the proud mother of two rays of sunshine, Raoul, aged 9, and Gaston, aged 6 months. My world revolves around art direction and curation. My sister Virginie and I breathed life into Klin d'œil ten years ago. Our mission? To highlight the creations that move us, both in our shop and through our events. What drives us is our ability to share the beautiful, by showcasing handcrafted objects. Three years ago, we also opened our canteen, Café Klin, a cosy place serving vegetarian and vegan-friendly food.

By opening the doors of Klin d'œil to us today, you are sharing a place that is very special to you. What story does this place tell about you and the importance of family in your life?


Klin d'œil is much more than a boutique, it's a bright and colourful home where unique creations and lively workshops come together. It's where our passion for crafts comes to life, thanks to our creative workshops run by passionate artists. But Klin d'œil is above all a story of the heart, the story of my complicity with Virginie, of Raoul who grew up with the shop, and of our parents, always there to support us. It's the story of our own 'klin': friends, team, apprentices, volunteers, who colour our daily lives with their presence and support.

Gaston is your daily companion in this adventure. How do you spend your days together?


At just 6 months old, Gaston is already a fully-fledged member of our team! Curious and smiling, he brightens up the day-to-day life in the shop and shares our meetings and lunches at the Café Klin. My independence means I can adapt the pace of our lives to juggle between the exciting projects at Klin d'œil and the special moments with Gaston, enjoying every moment of these first months together.

Through the world of Klin d'œil and Café Klin, what world would you like Gaston to discover?


My dream is to pass on to him curiosity, a passion for colour and creativity in all its forms. I want to offer him an environment where passing on know-how is at the heart of every discovery.

What does snack time at Café Klin mean to you? What little treats does Gaston enjoy from his high chair?


Snack time at Café Klin is our daily bubble of sweetness, where the pleasures of the eyes meet those of the taste buds. While I enjoy my golden milk with my favourite chocolate cake, Gaston, from his high chair, explores the flavours of seasonal fruit through homemade compotes, such as apple and pear, prepared with love.

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