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Dream life in flowers and colors with @nebbiastudio


All flowers and flames, Justine Beaussart aka @nebbiastudio imagines vibrant, offbeat floral scenographies. A funky poetry that this artist also distills into her daily life as a mother.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?


My name is Justine Beaussart, I'm 37 years old and I've been living in Annecy, in Haute-Savoie, for a few years now with my husband Paul and our daughter Alda, who will soon be two.

In my adult life, before Annecy, I lived successively in Marseille, London, Paris and Milan, but I couldn't see myself starting a family in a big city. Paul and I grew up in the countryside, so it was important for us to raise our child close to nature. With its lake and surrounding mountains, Annecy is a joy to live in!

When we moved here three years ago, I decided to set up my own creative floral design studio: Nebbia Studio. I had taken the path of professional retraining, and after a CAP in floristry and several experiences working with industry professionals in Paris and Milan, I was ready for the big leap into entrepreneurship! In my day-to-day work, I decorate events and create floral displays for brands.

Would you say that motherhood is an experience that makes you flourish?


I'd say motherhood is an experience that has made me a completely different variety of flower!

How does your child enrich your creative outlook?


Alda is a very curious little girl who loves poking around, wandering and taking the time to take a long, close look at the things she discovers. I love her ability to be amazed by 'ordinary' things, and I have the feeling that thanks to her I've become much more contemplative myself than I was recently. In my work, I like to refer to painting, fashion or architecture, but recently I've felt my gaze shifting. Recently I've been working on floral scenographies inspired by fairly simple elements: wisps of mist clinging to trees, the warm colours of a sunset over a mountain. I have to say that I get a lot of satisfaction from this kind of reconnection with simplicity. I can't wait to continue unravelling this creative thread.

Is the love and passion you have for flowers and all the sensoriality they possess something you inherited from childhood?


I have many childhood memories of flowers, all linked to my paternal and maternal grandparents, and all of them have nurtured the florist I am today, that's for sure.

In La Ciotat, at Mimi and Richard's house, there was a large mimosa in the garden and bouquets of gladioli on the way back from the market. In Jeumont, at Raymond and Djedla's house, there were pansies on the edge of the vegetable garden and a large, fragrant rosebush in front of which we posed for the traditional family photos. These are very tender memories that I love to bring back regularly.

The long-awaited question, your favorite flower?


It's hard to choose! What is certain is that my favorite flower grows in France and in the fields of the producers with whom I love to collaborate in the studio. So it might be a tulip from Virginie, a poppy from Claire, a buttercup from Pascale, a bearded iris from Marlène, a zinnia from Marine, a botanical lily from Clément or a dahlia from Lucie.

What are your first enthusiastic memories of flowers and colors?


An incredible orange and yellow floral print on a size 3 coat that I proudly wore 33 years ago :)

How do you pass on this sense of wonder to the little ones?


I'd say that for me, this transmission comes through experimentation. Alda often comes to the studio after her day at the nanny's or on weekends when I'm working there. I love letting her touch my equipment, tinkering with the little things she finds and snatching flowers behind my back. Sometimes I accompany her by showing her precise gestures, but often I just let her do it, watching her out of the corner of my eye.

Discover the world of Justine @nebbiastudio

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