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Terms of sale


Date of last update: July 2016


The designations employed on these Terms and Conditions (singular or plural) have the following meanings:

“Nobodinoz": Nobodinoz Company, S.L., VAT ES B 64293335, Carrer Vic 10 ground floor, 6 Barcelona, Spain, which offers the Products for sale to professional Customers.

"Nobodinoz Charter": Quality brand presentation Charter and respect for corporate image

"Customer": Any professional operator whose main economic activity is devoted to the resale of items for children multiple brands or not.

“Order": Customer's purchase order on the Products supplied by Nobodinoz

"Order Confirmation": Acknowledge receipt of the Order by Nobodinoz mentioning the amount of the deposit to be paid by the Customer.

"Expedition": Products made available to the Customer or to a carrier, depending on the conditions chosen by the parties, from local premises to Nobodinoz (headquarters, offices, factories, warehouses, etc.) for shipment to location specified by the Customer.

“Product": Merchandise offered for sale by Nobodinoz to its Customers


The present Terms and Conditions define the rules applicable to the sale of Nobodinoz Products to its Customers. In case of conflict with other documents, such as terms, flyers, catalogs, etc. from Nobodinoz, or conditions of purchase and sales orders for the Customer, and more generally with any specific document belonging to the Customer, these Conditions of Sale shall prevail.

Except with prior written acceptance from Nobodinoz, all contrary conditions are consequently unenforceable. Nobodinoz reserves the right to modify or amend the enforced Terms of Sale on the date specified in the header at any time and without notice and such adaptations or changes are applicable to all subsequent orders from the modifications.


These Terms and Conditions, which form the basis of commercial negotiation, apply to all Product sales to the Customer. They do not apply to purchases made on the website: by nonprofessional users, who are covered by the General Conditions of the Consumers. Similarly, Nobodinoz may waive certain clauses of these Terms and Conditions, based on negotiations with the Client, through Special Conditions of Sale In the case of cooperative or franchise groups federating independent affiliate members, these Terms and Conditions will be sent to the central of the group that is committed to their acceptance by all its affiliates to which they will therefore be enforceable.


3.1 Any Order of a passed Nobodinoz Product necessarily implies, as an essential and determining condition, the full and unrestricted acceptance or reservation by the Customer of these Conditions of Sale, the Nobodinoz Charter, the tariff in effect, the characteristics of the Products presented by Nobodinoz and the payment of the deposit indicated on the order confirmation.

3.2 All expenses of any kind (banking, customs, taxes, shipping and transportation, currency, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the Customer. In particular, the postage will be calculated only after the emittance of the final pro forma invoice, to be paid before the Shipping of Products.

3.3 Any Order placed by the Customer shall be subject to an Order Confirmation acknowledging reception of Orders by Nobodinoz and requesting the payment of a deposit. Upon receipt of deposit payment which must be made within 3 days, Nobodinoz will send an Order Acceptance. This acceptance must intervene by email within 5 days following the payment of the deposit. The sales contract will be thus concluded after express written acceptance of the Order by Nobodinoz. The Customer will then be automatically engaged through the Order Acceptance by Nobodinoz. Nobodinoz will then send a pro forma invoice to the Customer, specifying the amount of payment for the Products, ready to be delivered. It may be a total or partial invoice and shall mention the relevant Products and their prices. Upon receipt of the payment amount noted on a pro forma basis, the shipping of Products will be made within the given indication. Delivery times depend on carriers and Nobodinoz is not responsible for any delays related to transportation. In case of partial delivery, the remaining balances still to be delivered must be confirmed by the Customer, a security deposit is required by Nobodinoz to maintain these outstanding balances in order.

3.4 Nobodinoz reserves the right to refuse any order if Customer breaches any of its obligations, including payment problems, an order with abnormal characters or placed in bad faith, any foreseeable problem payment, abnormal shipping of order or placed in bad faith, as well as breach of the Nobodinoz Charter

3.5 The dimensions of the Products are provided for information only, thus there may be slight variations in the final Product that will not affect the Product design or its proportions. Similarly, manufacturing constraints may cause minor changes in the colors, linings and Product accessories (ex: ribbons, cords, linings, edging...). These minor changes are tacitly accepted by the Customer and cannot give rise to a claim on their part. Some Products or colors may be printed or available in limited quantities only. In case of unavailable Products, prints or colors, Nobodinoz will propose the Customer similar Products with alternative prints or colors. In case of major change on a Product (ex: change of print), said change will be subject to the prior acceptance of the Customer. In any case, none of these changes can lead to the cancellation of the Order by the Customer. The control conditions are indicated on the order forms and evolve regularly (Products, prices, minimum, deadlines, etc.). In the event that a Product ordered by the Customer is unavailable, Nobodinoz will inform the Customer by email when knowledge of such unavailability occurs, and if possible, the period within which the Product will be made available once again.

3.6 No order can be changed after its acceptance, unless previously agreed between Nobodinoz and the Customer.

3.7 Except in cases of absolute necessity, cancellation of order by the Customer will involve billing the Customer the deposit to be paid at the time of Order Acceptance, the deposit is automatically and permanently acquired by Nobodinoz.

3.8 Nobodinoz may, at any time (up to an Order Acceptance) and without having to justify, withdraw from the market any Product. In this case, Nobodinoz will notify the Customer concerning the removal of the Product and the effective date, as soon as possible, without any possibility of claim by the Customer.

3.9 for cancelations or returns clients must contact his sales contact. If it applies, partial or complete refunds will be applied on your next invoice.

3.10 The online payment methods offered by our bank institution rely on secured servers that guarantee the protection and authenticity of the information traveling from our virtual shop to the bank.

Those methods also ensure that no piece of information can be used by any disinterested party, as they are based on protected algorithms, transmitting encrypted information, so that it is only visible for bank entities.

Nobodinoz cannot see, nor stock this information.


Nobodinoz reserves the right to revise at any time its pricing, billing and established rates and conditions in force on the date of acceptance of the Order by Nobodinoz.

Product prices are in Euros for the Eurozone and US Dollars for the rest of the world, net and excluding taxes, from local premises to Nobodinoz in Spain, excluding logistical costs for preparation, packing, shipping, transport, customs, insurance and bank charges. Special price conditions may be practiced according to the characteristics requested by the Customer; Sale of Special Conditions will then be sent to the Customer.


Deposits and pro forma invoices are payable at the registered office of Nobodinoz, by cash and in full prior to shipping. Payment must be made within 3 days after receiving the Order Confirmation for down payments or the pro forma invoice for Expeditions. After this time, Nobodinoz cannot guarantee availability of all Products listed on the proforma invoice. Moreover, if payment is not made within a period of 15 days after sending the pro forma invoice, the Customer will bear an additional storage cost of 10 euros / per day, until receipt of the full balance. Following a period of 30 days after receipt of the pro forma invoice without payment, the order is considered canceled by the Customer and the deposit paid by the Customer will be permanently acquired by Nobodinoz. Orders are shipped only after receiving the full balance of the price on the pro forma invoice. Payment is not considered complete until the moment Nobodinoz is credited by the bank.


In case of noncompliance with payment terms, Nobodinoz reserves the right to suspend or cancel any ongoing Shipping Orders.

Refusal to pay invoices on the basis of pricing in effect and any refusal of a new tariff will be treated as a default, authorizing Nobodinoz to refuse any new Product Orders and to immediately suspend ongoing shipments after informing the Customer.

Failure to pay even partial amounts shall immediately and automatically, without prior notice, owe Nobodinoz all claims, even if not yet due. Any breach by the Customer, partial or total, of their payment obligations or any delay will result in the repayment of right to a delay penalty, equal to the refinancing rate of the European Central Bank increased by 10 percentage points (in addition to the additional storage costs provided for in Article 5). This penalty will begin to run from the payment due date on the invoice and will continue until the date of full payment of the entire amount due to Nobodinoz without any reminder needed. Any started month will be due in full.

If, however, Nobodinoz is forced to employ a (Lawyer, Usher, etc.) to obtain settlement of amounts due, it is expressly agreed that, as a penalty clause stipulated by the standard rate of right and not reducible, a surcharge calculated at 10% of the amounts due by the Customer will be applied, without prejudice to recovery costs, late fees and possible damages.

No payment can be compensated with the sole initiative of the Customer, especially in case of allegations by the Customer of a late delivery or noncompliance of the Products delivered, the prior written consent of Nobodinoz being indispensable, and that, whatever contrary clauses may be included in the general purchase conditions of Customer. More generally, any compensation is prohibited, if it is operated in the absence of a prior written agreement from Nobodinoz; It will be treated as a default, therefore authorizing Nobodinoz to refuse any new Product Orders and to immediately suspend ongoing shipments, after informing the Customer.

Any deterioration of the Customer's credit or degradation of its actual financial situation or any perception of such, at any time, justified, and against risk exposure, the requirement for a cash settlement in full or of certain warranties. Such will be the case if a transfer, lease management, collateral development, a goodwill contribution, or a change of control or corporate structure (merger, etc.) produces an adverse effect on the Customer’s credit.


The shipping of Products will take place at the location specified by the Customer during the Order. The Customer agrees to provide accurate, complete and precise information (location, schedules, availability, contact) so that there is never a surplus in cost. Any additional transport costs related to inaccurate, incomplete or unclear information will be borne by the Customer. Delivery cannot take place if the delivery information is inaccurate or incomplete.

The shipping of Products will occur after recording the settlement of the full price of the order: Nobodinoz will confirm receipt of the payment and give the estimated Shipping date, indicative only, on behalf of its Customers. Nobodinoz is pleased to organize the transport of Products on behalf of the Customers who request such. Not being a carrier, Nobodinoz is not responsible for any delays in delivery of the carrier and will therefore give rise to any indemnity, penalty or withheld compensation nor can this void the order, and notwithstanding any clause in any general conditions of purchase of Customer.

The carrier executes on its own responsibility, all loading, stowage and unloading of Products, from its care and until delivery to Customer.

If the Customer chooses to organize their own means of transport, they must adjust to a Nobodinoz inventory management and logistics fee at 3% of the price of the original Order.

Whatever the retained Shipping conditions and adopted mode of transport, it is of the Customers responsibility to check the Products at the time of delivery and take all necessary protective measures, under penalty of liability. The Customer shall, if it finds a loss, damage, defects, nonconformities of Products, prices or quantities indicated on the invoice issuing precise reserves on the delivery order endorsed by the recipient and deliverer and directcomplaints to the carrier in writing within forty-eight (48) working hours (not including Sundays and holidays) after receipt of the Products.

Customer must also, within the same time (48 hours), inform Nobodinoz and provide all the elements necessary for the identification of nonconformities and complaints with the carrier (ex: indication, description, photographs nonconformities, defects, damage ...scanning the receipt, initialed in the margin the carrier); Especially for furniture, it is the Customer's responsibility to check the inside of the package and ensure that no parts have been damaged.

Failing to claim under the conditions and the aforementioned period, the Shipping and the Products will be deemed to comply, no claim will be considered and no Product returns will be accepted; Customer will be deemed to have waived any action on this basis against Nobodinoz and / or carrier. Apart from these assumptions, any Product returns will not be accepted without the prior written consent of Nobodinoz. In any event, costs related to transportation of returned Products will remain the responsibility of the Customer.

When the Customer refuses to accept the ordered Products, Nobodinoz will be entitled to put the said Products in warehouse, at Customer's expense, and to claim reimbursement of transportation and storage costs, provided that Nobodinoz shall be entitled to terminate the contract and to resell the Products, without prejudice to damages that are due to Nobodinoz for any harm they may suffer.


8.1 It is expressly agreed that Nobodinoz retains ownership of the Products until full payment of principal, interest, taxes and all charges, as well as any down payment remains acquired for the benefit of Nobodinoz. In this respect, the delivery of a draft, a bank check or any instrument creating an obligation to pay does not constitute a payment under this clause. Payment will be considered made only when actual payment is received by Nobodinoz.

Until full payment, the Customer agrees not to confer a pledge or a pledge on the Products ion of title, or uses them as security.

The Customer undertakes the responsibility of informing any third party, including in case of seizure or other third party intervention on Products, since the Products sold under retention of title belong to Nobodinoz, and informing Nobodinoz immediately of any seizure or operation similar to enable them to oppose it and to reserve their rights. If the case of the opening of a backup procedure, receivership or liquidation or any other measure or procedure by the Customer, the Products can be claimed in accordance with the law and / or regulations in force. In the case of claim for Products, partial or total nonpayment, stock Products shall be deemed to correspond with the unpaid debts. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this Property Reserve clause is enforceable against the Customer.

Nobodinoz is already authorized by the Customer, who agrees to do an inventory and / or put into receivership unpaid Products, held by the Customer. All previously paid installments remain acquired by Nobodinoz as right to penalty clause.

8.2 After finding a default of non payment as provided in Article 6, the sale may be canceled automatically, if right is deemed by Nobodinoz, eight (8) days after sending a notice, carried by registered letter, with acknowledgment that reception was unsuccessful and without further formalities. If the Products were delivered, they will be returned immediately by the Customer to Nobodinoz. If the Products, objects of a property retention were resold by the Customer, Nobodinoz’s debt will be automatically transported to the claim of the Product and sold by the Customer. The Customer gives way, to Nobodinoz, all claims which may arise from the resale of unpaid Products that are subject to property.

8.3 Notwithstanding this property retention clause, the Customer will be held solely responsible for all risk of damage, loss, partial or total destruction caused to the Products or because of Products, regardless of the cause of damage even if it is a fortuitous event or of absolute necessity, these risks are transferred to the Customer from the shipping of Products on Nobodinoz premises. Similarly, responsibility for transport risks, including the conservation of Products (damages caused or suffered) is transferred to the Customer as they become available to it or the carrier depending on the conditions of shipping chosen by the parties. The Customer must therefore ensure the Products sold under property retention, stipulated in the insurance policy, that any compensation will be paid directly to Nobodinoz and will provide, on first request, justification for any purchased insurances.


Nobodinoz’s responsibility is strictly limited to the replacement of noncompliant Products to the Order or, in case of total and permanent unavailability, reimbursement for unavailable Products by establishing an asset, without the right to the payment of any compensation or damages for any reason whatsoever. Nobodinoz`s obligations will be suspended automatically and without formality, and it’s responsibility cleared in the occurrence of events such as and including, but are not limited to: absolute necessity, work stoppages, lockouts, floods, fire, absence or lack of raw material, Production or transportation obstacles are not covered by Nobodinoz, whatever the origin, total or partial interruption in the supply, transportation, accident or equipment tooling at the premises of Nobodinoz, those of its suppliers or subcontractors, war, riots, insurrections, civil unrest, strikes or labor closures and, more generally, all circumstances preventing the execution by Nobodinoz’s obligations under normal conditions, or making them more expensive through execution.


Notwithstanding any clauses as otherwise provided that may appear in purchasing terms, SEO contracts, logistic conditions and special agreements, etc., no penalty of any kind will be applied to Nobodinoz without the prior written consent of Nobodinoz, and that, whatever the reason for the penalty.


Are and remain the exclusive property of Nobodinoz, whether registered or not:

  • The name "Nobodinoz" and all figurative or not, and more generally all other trademarks, trade names, names of Products within the Nobodinoz range (Reference Products), illustrations, images and logos appearing on the Products, accessories or packaging (hereinafter referred to as "the brand" Nobodinoz");
  • The Products, prints, design, concepts, created and developed by Nobodinoz;
  • The Communication media, sales literature (brochures, catalogs, newsletters, etc.), Nobodinoz website(s) and domain name(s) for it, the material presentation and exposure (POP, displays, posters, flyers, etc.), as well as photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, sounds, videos, data, animated sequences, graphics, etc. appearing on the said communication media, the documentation and / or on the website(s).

Nobodinoz owns all intellectual property rights related thereto. Total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these rights, for any reason and on any medium whatsoever without prior express consent of Nobodinoz is strictly prohibited. It is the same for any application, combination or conjunction with any other name, brand, distinctive sign, or other print, design, concept, or any other communication medium, sales literature, website, hardware presentation and exhibition, as well as any modification, alteration or deletion.

Nobodinoz grants the Customer the right to use and reproduce the intellectual property rights held by Nobodinoz only for advertising and / or commercial and / or information on the Products. Nobodinoz can thus provide the Customer with access to the physical media for reproducing the intellectual property rights of Nobodinoz (ex: displays, photographs of Products, etc.). Except for the above cases, any edition, reproduction, distribution, use or modification, imitation, apposition, alteration or change by any process whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, of all or part of the Rights of Intellectual Property owned by Nobodinoz, without obtaining prior permission is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by law.

The Customer undertakes the responsibility of respecting the information on Products (trade names, colors, sizes, compositions, etc.). They will, under all circumstances include the brand "Nobodinoz". In particular, the brand name appears in the title of Products sold online; Removal of the brand constitutes an offense characterizing counterfeiting and sanctioned by law. Nobodinoz reserves the right to protection by the courts for any infringement and / or unfair competition of its intellectual property.


The execution by the parties of all or part of their obligations will be suspended upon the occurrence of a fortuitous event or absolute necessity that would impede or delay execution. Considered as included, but not limited to, war, riots, insurrection, civil unrest, strikes of any kind, interruptions of transportation and supply problems.

On the occurrence of a fortuitous event or under absolute necessity, the party that is victim shall inform the other as soon as possible and at the latest within forty-eight (48) hours. This suspension does not apply to payment obligations. If this suspension would continue beyond a period of seven (7) days, the other party will have the opportunity to cancel the Order.


The failure to rely, at some point, of any of these Conditions of Sale cannot be interpreted by the Customer as a waiver by Nobodinoz to take advantage of any stipulated conditions.


All contractual relations between the Customer and Nobodinoz, resulting from the application of these Conditions of Sale and any special agreements that may be concluded, will be subject in all respects to Spanish law, unless otherwise indicated in writing in the contract sale and previously accepted by Nobodinoz. The Parties agree to make every effort to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise from the interpretation, execution or termination of the contractual aggregate described above. Failing amicable settlement, any dispute that stems from the interpretation, validity, execution or termination of the contractual relations between the Customer and Nobodinoz as well as the acts that are of result, will be submitted to the Court of the apparent Nobodinoz head office, notwithstanding any incidental demand or guarantee or in case of multiple defendants. This clause of jurisdiction will apply even if referred. Nobodinoz nevertheless will have the right to seize any other competent court, in particular the registered office of the Customer or of the location of the Products delivered. Commercial paper or acceptance of payment will be either novation or infringement of this clause.


NOBODINOZ is brought to market its Products through resellers, distributors, licensees, franchisees or others (hereinafter "Retailer"). Irrespective of the legal nature of the partnership, it is important to establish and maintain relationships of loyalty and trust concerning Dealers in respect of consumer customers.

The Nobodinoz Charter thus constitutes the basis of partnership and trust between NOBODINOZ and all its dealers and lists the qualitative commitments of each. It provides benchmarks that appeal to the sense of responsibility of everyone; They are not exhaustive.

The Nobodinoz Charter is essential to harmonize the retailer network. Such harmony is essential to provide a consistent brand image worldwide and that the rights of each retailer are not tarnished or damaged by the actions of other retailers.


1.1 Social and societal responsibility NOBODINOZ is committed to providing the highest quality Products in compliance with corporate and social responsibilities and ensure that each of the partners involved in the production line meets these commitments: prohibition of child labor, standards and conventions labor and safety, environmental standards, hygiene standards and inspections.

1.2 Invoicing and logistics NOBODINOZ is committed to providing its retailers accounting documents complying with accounting standards and specifying all the information needed for clear identification of Products. NOBODINOZ is committed to providing the fully packaged Products, referenced with a unique code identifiable by a scanning system through bar code. NOBODINOZ agrees to provide detailed packing contents of each delivery list.

1.3 Production and Availability NOBODINOZ is committed to maintaining a continuous production of its Products in order to offer its retailers a maximum availability of all the references in any catalog throughout the year.

1.4 Branding and sales support NOBODINOZ is committed to providing continuous visual or written support while allowing the retailer to boost sales and promote the distinctive and qualitative elements of the Nobodinoz brand and its Products.

NOBODINOZ animates an active community on social networks, blogging networks, the international press, so as to enhance its retailers and Related Products

1.5 Support NOBODINOZ teams are reachable and available to answer any questions about Products, events, orders and new arrivals. Contact information is always available on

1.6 Privacy NOBODINOZ agrees to keep confidential all nonpublic nature of information that is transmitted by their Retailers.


2.1 Physical Sales Point Presentation The Products of the Nobodinoz Brand must be presented in a dedicated area, clean and with enough space. The retailer agrees to use the information Products and advertising materials provided by the Nobodinoz Brand. The Retailer agrees to send photos of the location of Products in the point of sale. For the first settlements, the Retailer agrees to be validated by the Brand Nobodinoz layout, decoration Products which will host the Nobodinoz Brand. NOBODINOZ can control the following implementations and if necessary, seek compliance.

2.2 Online Point of Sale Presentation The Retailer agrees to have a section dedicated to the brand to visualize the whole of all the Products of the brand Nobodinoz, separately from any other brands. Retailer agrees to use the official technical information provided by NOBODINOZ, also available on the site The Nobodinoz Brand must appear in the title of each of the Products offered for sale. Names of Products and colors must be respected and be consistent with those given by NOBODINOZ.

2.3 Respect for corporate image and identity The Retailer undertakes the obligation to respect the reputation, image and interests of NOBODINOZ. In particular, the retailer shall ensure that any communication be written in accordance with the values of the brand Nobodinoz, of its image and preserve its reputation. Retailer agrees that any promotional activity takes place in accordance with the interests of the brand Nobodinoz, its image and reputation.

Retailer agrees not to distribute Products that may be counterfeit to the Nobodinoz Brand and fight against any counterfeit Products of the Nobodinoz Brand.

The retailer agrees not to distribute, jointly and voluntarily, related Products that are similar to those of Nobodinoz, in order not to create confusion about the identity of the brand in the consumer's mind. 2.4 Representation of supply and compliance with the positioning of the brand Retailer agrees to permanently dispose of a sufficiently representative offer of the entire supply of the Nobodinoz Brand with, at minimum, 10% of the references in catalog. As such, the Retailer agrees to make regular replenishment of orders.

First implementation must contain minimum 10% of the references in catalog.

The Retailer agrees to comply with the recommended price policy of the brand (prices above prices, plus transport costs, customs, insurance, etc.); The harmony of the network of distributors and Nobodinoz retailers being key values of the brand Nobodinoz, its image and reputation.

2.5 Confidentiality Any nonpublic information provided by the Nobodinoz Brand Retailer is confidential. Retailer agrees not to disclose this information through any channel whatsoever to third parties without written consent from NOBODINOZ.

2.6 Exclusivity Retailer agrees to resell the Nobodinoz Products only through its commercial sign. Retailer agrees not to promote the sale of Nobodinoz Products on other sales channels than those of their commercial sign without prior written consent from NOBODINOZ.

In case of noncompliance with the Charter by the Retailer, Nobodinoz has discretionary right to stop all commercial collaboration.

       General Sales Conditions


  1. General conditions
  2. Prices, payments, invoices and security
  3. Shipping policies and delivery terms
  4. Exchanges and returns
  5. Order cancellation
  6. Customer Service
  7. Responsibility
  8.  Guarantees
  9. Territoriality and applicable law


  1. General conditions

The domain NOBODINOZ.COM belongs to Nobodinoz S.L., NIF B64293335 registered in C/ Vic nº 10, lower local, 08006 Barcelona.

Our products are available for sale:

You can consult our different stores by checking our store locator or by contacting us through our contact form.

Purchases made on are subject to the sales conditions presented in this document and regulated by the Spanish legislation on the matter of distance selling.


  1. Prices, payments, invoices and security



All our prices are indicated in euro (€) and include VAT for sales within the European Union.

These prices are subject to changes without previous notice.

Sales to countries outside the European Union, Canary Islands, Andorra, or the cities of Ceuta and Melilla are invoiced without VAT.

All taxes, tariffs and customs duties are borne by the customer according to the legal provisions in force. The amount of those taxes varies according to the country and to the total invoice amount in euros. Those taxes are borne by the customer when receiving his/her order.




The order is shipped after the reception and confirmation of the payment.

We offer the following payment options:

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard.

When purchasing, you will be redirected to our bank’s official website for secure payments.

  • Bank transfer.

In the purchase confirmation mail, you will find all the necessary information in order to realize your payment.

The order amount must be paid within a maximum of 2 days and must include:

  1. The order number.
  2. The buyer’s first and last names or the entity name, if need be
  3. The recipient: Nobodinoz S.L.

After a 48-hour-period, if no payment has been received, the order will be cancelled.

For each order placed on, Nobodinoz reserves the right to cancel or to proceed to the partial or complete refund of the order.



The online payment methods offered by our bank institution rely on secured servers that guarantee the protection and authenticity of the information traveling from our virtual shop to the bank.

Those methods also ensure that no piece of information can be used by any disinterested party, as they are based on protected algorithms, transmitting encrypted information, so that it is only visible for bank entities.

Nobodinoz cannot see, nor stock this information.



      3. Shipping policy and delivery terms


Our shipping costs are calculated on real dispatch prices, that depend on the weight and the size of the parcel corresponding to your order. Shipments originate from Barcelona and delivery times vary. Shipping take 2-5 days to Spain, 5-7 days France and the rest of EU. The indicated delivery times are general time frames established by the shipping company that may vary during high activity periods (black friday, sales or Christmas). 

You will receive an email from the carrier with a link to track and trace your order. Our customer service remains at your disposal as well if you need any information regarding your shipment. Reach us through our contact form.

The shipping costs that will apply to your orders:





We offer free shipping costs to orders under the following conditions:

- Spain, France, Belgium: orders from 200€*

- Germany: orders from 300€*

*Those conditions don't apply to orders including furniture.



For furniture deliveries, we ask you to systematically write down the following mention on your delivery note: “needs to be examined” and your signature.

 We highly recommend taking a picture of that delivery note with that mention written down. This is the only way we can act if there happens to be any damage on the furniture pieces that are not visible from the outside of the parcel.

 Without that mention, we won’t be able to exchange or refund the furniture that was damaged during transport. 



  1. Exchanges and returns.

All our articles on our website are of the highest quality and pass exhaustive and rigorous controls. At Nobodinoz we believe that our products are made to be passed on from generation to generation and thus contribute to a better future.

They comply with European legislation and in many cases far exceed the quality requirements imposed by the regulations.

However, if you have changed your mind for any reason, you can easily return your goods or part of your purchase within 15 days.

You can also make an exchange (size or model) within a maximum of 15 days from the date of receipt of the order.

For all returns, please send first your request to our Customer Service through our contact form.


Return conditions

returns must comply with the following conditions:

- Time Frame:  Returns will be accepted within 15 days after reception.

- Goods must not have been used, washed, or altered in any way.

- Goods must be returned in their original packaging, with their respective original label (ready to be restocked).

The last one is especially important, as if this is not the case, there may be an additional cost for having to repackage the product correctly in order to put it back on sale.


Returns on discounted products/special promotions:

At Nobodinoz, we are very committed to the environment.  From our workshops in Barcelona, we adjust our production to the maximum in order to avoid excess articles per season and be able to offer new collections throughout the year.

Therefore, the items in this category are usually products that are no longer in stock or are out of stock.

Goods purchased during sales and/or special offers periods cannot be returned.


Returns address


Mare de Déu de Núria 13-15

08830   Sant Boi de Llobregat


Return nº: XXXX



Return Process


Once Nobodinoz receives the returned goods, they will be revised:

-If the return complies with the conditions stipulated above, the value of the products will be refunded.

The refund will be made the same way the original payment was made.

-If the return involves handling costs (re-packaging or re-labelling as mentioned above), Nobodinoz reserves the right to deduct €15 from the total refund.

If the return does not comply with the stipulated conditions, Nobodinoz reserves the right not to refund the value of the products.

Nobodinoz always tries to avoid making a second transport for the sake of sustainability and not to increase the carbon footprint with our shipments. Therefore, the return shipping costs are at the customer's expense.


We receive many shipments daily in our logistics centre from all over Europe, which have to go through a process of reception and quality control of all returned products.

Therefore, once this process has been carried out, the period for the refund to be effective begins, which, depending on each case, can be delayed up to 30 days.


Damaged products


At Nobodinoz, offering the best quality in our products is in our DNA as a brand.

Our articles are developed with the best production methods to offer the best possible quality and undergo exhaustive and rigorous controls.

On rare occasions during the transport, it may happen that a product is damaged or has a defect.

In these situations, you must contact our customer service:

-Through our contact form, within 24 hours of receipt of the order, sending a description of the damage and attached photos (with packaging, label, and product).

Our team will examine the damage and will propose you the best solution, for example, the replacement of the damaged product or a piece of the affected material.

In this case, the return of the damaged item to our logistic centre is at the expense of Nobodinoz.

It is particularly important to open the package carefully, as Nobodinoz cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by improper opening of the boxes received.



Variation of colours

At Nobodinoz, the colouring process of the organic cotton yarns with which our articles are made is carried out entirely in our workshops in Barcelona, without using any type of product that is harmful to the environment.

Therefore, it may happen that there are slight variations in colour from one production to another, inherent to this process of preparation of cotton yarns.

At Nobodinoz, we make every effort to ensure that the photos of our articles are as faithful as possible to reality and that, when you buy one of our products, it is identical (or almost identical) to what you have seen on the web.


5. Cancellation Order

Once the payment is made, the order begins its preparation in our logistic centre to proceed with the shipment in the shortest time possible.

If the order is already on the way to the indicated address, it cannot be cancelled.

However, if you have just placed the order and you realise that you have made a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to look for the best solution.

If you would like to cancel your order when it’s already on the way with the transport company, we will charge a handling fee.



  6. Customer Service

Customer service hours: from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Customer service telephone number: +34 934 16 09 49

Our customer service can also be reached through the contact form.


7. Responsibility

Nobodinoz cannot be held responsible for the misuses of the purchased goods.


8. Guarantee


The products sold on our website comply with the regulations currently in effect in Europe.
When you purchase and receive one of our furniture items at home, you automatically benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of two (2) years from the date of delivery of the order. Nobodinoz provides you with an additional guarantee of three (3) years. You are covered in the case of conformity problems. This is our commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

Our guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects. Our guarantee does not cover damage caused by inappropriate use, handling errors or gross misuse by the purchaser. In addition, defects resulting from prolonged exposure of the furniture to heat, humidity or light will be considered as misuse.

For any request concerning the legal guarantees, the customer must contact our Customer Service on working days by using our contact form on

To make a claim, please provide us with the following information: Proof of purchase of the product, Name of the product, date of order, date of delivery, name and address of the customer, date of the complaint and photos of the defect.


9.Territoriality and application law


The sale of products of Nobodinoz company are subject to Spanish law.

Any dispute relating to the existence, interpretation, execution, or breach of the contract concluded between Nobodinoz and the Customer, even in the event of a plurality of defendants, will be, in the absence of mutual agreement, the exclusive competence of the tribunals of Barcelona.



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