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Landscape is Nobodinoz's decoration collection that combines bold patterns and diverse textures in a sleek, contemporary style. Nobodinoz, a pioneer in children's bedroom decor, has revisited its iconic products such as floor mats, beanbags and cushions in a palette of natural colours and geometric patterns.

The collection is available in four neutral shades - Natural, Sesame, Cobalt and Vetiver - complemented by a geometric stripe pattern, abstract and plant illustrations that evoke the tranquillity and elegance of a natural landscape. It is enhanced by embroidered wall hangings and cushions that add a playful, dreamy dimension to children's bedrooms. Nobodinoz's commitment to excellence continues with Landscape. Made locally from organic cotton, this line combines aesthetics, functionality and eco-responsibility. Nobodinoz is reinforcing its mission to embellish children's living spaces with creativity and ecological consciousness.

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